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Hygric and Thermal Simulation


Take advantage of our offer to use HTflux free of charge for a 30-day trial period.  You are permitted to use the fully functional software commercially during this period. Simply register here,  download the software in the MyHTflux menu and install it on your PC. The process will only take a couple of minutes.

After the end of your trial period, you can use the Software for the following rates:

  • HTflux – Standard license:  annual license fee:   € 393 (excl. VAT)
    includes all functions to perform standard calculations (thermal bridging, surface temperatures, …)
  • HTflux – PRO license: annual license fee:   € 531 (excl. VAT)
    contains additional features: dynamic/transient simulation, heat sources/sinks, insulating glass unit-tool, thermal-mass calculation
  • HTflux – university:
    free for proven academic use (classroom-licenses, student-licenses, PhD, master-thesis, non-commercial research projects,…) – contact us.

Note: you will NOT have to enter any payment information for the registration or download of the software, as you will NOT be charged automatically after the free period.

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