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New HTflux release available

The new beta version V0.99 of HTflux is out now. It will be the last beta version before to official release, coming very soon. We highly recommend updating as the new version offers new features and small bug fixes.

  • Improved user interface.
    New features and warnings were added. Some bugs and inconveniences were fixed.
  • Spanish translation and improved language support
    Thanks to the good cooperation and professional skills of Mr. Cristián Muñoz the user-interface of HTflux is now also available in a high quality Spanish translation. Mr. Cristián Muñoz is Architect as well as expert for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability at the CITEC, University of Bio-Bio, Chile.
  • New demo files and HTflux objects
    New demo files are available including a ready-to-use window segment and a balcony insulation example.
  • New segment mode for PSI-Tool:
    The automatic PSI-Tool now offers an additional mode, enabling the manual input of U-values and PSI-values to be considered.
  • New temperature dependent conductivity model
    A new model allows you to define temperature-dependent heat conductivities.
  • Improved video creator tool
    Create high resolution videos of your transient simulations easily.
  • Proxy-support
    HTflux can now also be use behind a proxy server.
  • IPv6 bug resolved.
    Some authentication errors occurred when using a new IPv6 IP number.
  • “Ghost materials” and “ghost object” bug resolved.
    Sometimes “ghost” materials or objects where showing up temporarily when objects were deleted.

The new version can be download in the myHTflux area of our website at any time.
The installation process will only take a minute and it is recommended that you do not uninstall the old version, as you might lose your user preferences then. The update is free does not affect your license state in any form.
We are still working on the documentation of the Software. Depending on the complexity of your details thermal simulation can be a challenging task. We therefore offer professional training via remote screen sharing or locally at very affordable hourly rates.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.