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Hygric and Thermal Simulation

Thermal simulation of a power cable

Using HTflux to simulate the expected temperatures of a power cable under load is a straight forward process.
In our example we assume a 5-core power cable with a delta connection. We set the power dissipation for the three current-carrying cores to 4 W/m resulting in a total power loss of 12 watts per metre.
Further we assume contact with air at 20°C ambient temperature and a heat transfer resistance of 0.13 m²K/W.
Within few seconds HTflux shows us the temperature distribution and heat flux density for this configuration. Furthermore, we can easily display the maximum and minimum temperatures of the cable surface as well as of the copper cores.

Thermal simulation of a power cable

Temperature distribution

Heat flux density - Thermal simulation of a power cable

Heat flux density

Object view - Thermal simulation of a power cable

Object view – 5-core power cable – current carrying cores displayed in yellow

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