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Timber construction – optimization of condensation risk

This example taken of the diploma thesis of Mr. Wolfgang Pöll shows how HTflux can be used to optimize timber construction details. With the very comprehensive approach of HTflux it is possible to address condensation risk and heat loss at the same time.

HTflux-Timber construction-optimization-condensation risk-window-connection

Especially in timber engineering it is essential to not only focus on heat loss, but also on water vapor diffusion and condensation risks. Optimizing solely heat losses without considering hygrothermal aspects can quickly lead to interstitial condensation, with harmful effects for the building and its users.  In the following example of a window connection to a timber-frame wall condensation risks are identified and resolved effectively. The solution here consists of an optimally designed air cavity. The resulting moderate increase in heat-loss can be quantified using HTflux and is good trade-off for getting a robust details from a hygrothermal point of view.

A short presentation illustration the assessment and optimization-process can be found here:

» Optimization of a timber construction detail (window connection)

Special thanks to Wolfgang Pöll for providing this excellent example.

Link to Ludwig Pöll GmbH: