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Hygric and Thermal Simulation

Transient thermal simulations

HTflux latest feature enables you to process transient thermal simulations. Using the built-in video encoder you can easily create high-resolution videos of the temperature as well as of the heat-flux view or you can export the time-resolved data of the measuring tools (such as temperatures, total heat flux,…) for further analysis. This enables you to calculate dynamic thermal characteristics of your assembly (e.g. periodic thermal transmittance, time shifts, decrement factor,…)

As an example we present a simulation of the “timber frame eaves”  example with a diurnal variation of the external temperature:

You can download the original videos with higher resolution here:

Transient thermal simulation video “Eaves” – Temperatures

Transient thermal simulation video “Eaves” – Heat flux

(Videos are encoded in xvid format. You might have to download the free codec or use VLC player).

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