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Insulated glazing calculation – new tool

A new feature of HTflux allows you to easily create and calculate insulated glazing units (IGUs). The new tool offers a lot of features:

Insulated glazing calculation software

  • freely choose the thickness and position of each gas or glass layer.
  • freely define (low-E) coatings on any surface.
  • setup the components and mixture of your gas filling (using Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Air (or SF6).
  • define the exterior heat transfer coefficients and temperatures freely or according to EN673 standard.
  • set the tilt angle for your glazing unit, if it is not vertically mounted.
  • use an even more precise mode to calculate Ug, in-line with EN673, but without using the simplifications mentioned in the standard (like Tm=283K,…)
  • all glass surface temperatures and all convective and radiative heat transfer coefficients are displayed at any time.
  • the resulting thermal transmittance Ug is shown precisely and rounded according to EN 673.

After defining the IGU a geometric representation of the glazing can be used in any thermal simulation project.
Additionally you can automatically add a spacer to the glazing using the two-box model. Currently the following spacers are available:

  • Chromatech
  • Chromatech Plus
  • Chromatech Ultra F
  • GTS
  • K√∂dispace
  • Nirotec 015
  • Nirotec 017
  • Nirotec Evo
  • Super Sp. TriSeal Premium Plus
  • Super Spacer Premium (Hotmelt)
  • Super Spacer TriSeal Premium
  • Super Spacer T-Spacer Premium
  • Super Spacer T-Spacer Premium Plus
  • Swissspacer Advance
  • Swissspacer Ultimate
  • TGI-Spacer
  • TGI-Spacer M
  • Thermix TX.N plus
  • Thermobar
  • WEP classic