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New HTflux release

The new beta version V1.00 of HTflux is out now. We highly recommend updating as the new version offers new features and small bug fixes. Due to organisational issues the beta phase will be extended. All licences were automatically extended until May.

  • New heat transfer / surface resistance tool
    A new feature allows an efficient selection of standard values or a customized calculation according to appendix A of ISO 6946. Individual values can therefore be created by entering the radiation temperature, surface emissivity and air-speed.
  • Dynamic thermal performance figures
    The u-value tool has been enhanced to display dynamic thermal key figures like the thermal admittance Y11, the periodic thermal transmittance Y12, the areal heat capacity (thermal mass) and the relevant time shifts.
  • New demo projects files
    New demo projects are available in the demo-folder.
  • Enhanced installer package
    On some window installations a false-positive malware warning was triggered by the installer-package. The false positive was reported to Microsoft and the installer has been improved. (Note: the “unknown publisher” warning appears still, and has to be confirmed).
  • Improved input- and output functionalities
    The new version contains a number of enhancements regarding the usability and output of the software.
  • “access violation” bug fix
    Due to an enhancement in the v0.99 an “access violation” error was triggered on certain simulation setups. This bug was identified and resolved.
  • “select material” bug fix
    On some installation a bug made it hard to select materials within the material-dialog (sticky selection rectangle). This bug has been resolved.

The new version can be downloaded in the myHTflux section of our website at any time.
The installation process will only take a minute and it is recommended that you do not uninstall the old version, as you might lose your user preferences then. The update is free and does not affect your license state in any form.
We are still working on the documentation of the Software. Depending on the complexity of your details thermal simulation can be a challenging task. We therefore offer professional training via remote screen sharing or locally at very affordable hourly rates.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.