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Hygric and Thermal Simulation

Modify/edit objects

Modify tools

Tools available

You can use the following tools to modify one or multiple geometric objects:

Button-Move Move object(s)
To move objects around, set a reference point first. This will enable you to precisely place objects easily. Use the H and V key to restrict the movement to being strictly horizontal or vertical. Finalize the modification using the return key.
Button-Scale Scale object(s)
Set a reference / zero point for scaling objects first. Afterwards type in scaling factor and confirm it with the return key. Another hit of the return key will finalize the modification. You can use an X or Y prefix to restrict the scaling into one direction (e.g. X2 will double the width of the objects, but leave its height unchanged).
Button-Rotate Rotate object(s)
Set the center of rotation point first. Afterwards use the mouse to define the angle of rotation or type in the desired angle of rotation (e.g. 45 will rotate the object clockwise by 45 degrees). Use the return key to finalize the operation.
Button-Copy Copy object(s)
To move objects around, set a reference point first. This will enable you to precisely place the copies without much effort. There are three modes for copying objects: freely (default), vertically and horizontally. To switch among them use the F, V and H keys. Once you are in vertical or horizontal mode you can also type in a certain distance value in the command line. Once you finalize the operation with the return key you will be able to create the next of the object(s) selected.
Button-Mirror Mirror object(s)
To mirror objects set a point of the mirror axis and then define the mirror axis freely. Once you are happy with the preview, finalize the function using the return key.

Notes on modifying objects

  1. Use the select function (top left button) to select one or more objects before pushing the desired modification button.
  2. To select multiple objects hold down the shift or ctrl key while selecting the objects with the left mouse button.
  3. Always try to set the reference point at the most appropriate place. This can make the modification of the object a lot easier.
  4. Make use of the snapping tools whenever possible. This helps you to precisely align objects and avoid gaps.
  5. Finalize every operation using the return key. (note: if the return key shows now effect, make sure the command line is empty).
  6. After finalizing a modification function the function will remain active. To close it hit the ESCAPE-key. This will bring you back to the default function (select objects).