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Hygric and Thermal Simulation

The surface temperature tool

This tool enables you to easily determine the position and value of the minimum, maximum or average temperature of a surface.
The surface can be either an internal one (interface between different materials) or an external one (touching a boundary condition/climate).

To setup the tool you will have to take two steps:

  1. define the surface/interface you want to measure
  2. define the geometric region where you want determine surface temperatures

Defining a surface

To tool always determines the temperatures on surfaces, either external or internal (interfaces).  To define the surface/interface you are interested in just select the appropriate materials on either side within the properties dialog of the tool:

In the case displayed above, the temperatures on the internal side of the element (touching an internal climate boundary condition)  will be measured. Since all materials on the left side have been selected, the measurement will not be restricted to certain materials.

You can either define the surface by manually selecting the items in either lists or by using the speed-buttons:

  • All to internal climate: will define the inner surface of your model, when any material touches a boundary condition defined as “internal”
  • All to external climate: will define the outer surface of your model, when any material touches a boundary condition defined as “external”
  • All: use this button to quickly select any material in the according list
  • None: use this button to quickly unselect all materials in the according list (to manually select materials afterwards)

In building science often the minimum internal surface temperature is of interest. To setup the tools for this purpose you will only have to click on the speed button “all to int. climate”.


Defining a region for the measurement

Apart from defining the interface you will also have to restrict the measurement to a certain region. This can easily be done by dropping one or more regions onto the specific measurement tool within the project manager. Just drag the region down while pressing the left mouse button and release the button over the desired measuring tool:

Read more on measurement areas here: defining a measurement area.

Enhanced features of the tool

This tool can also be used to calculate additional key-figures.
Please select the topic you are interested in:

» Internal surface temperature factor f*Rsi

» Dew point temperature

» Mold growth temperature